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Manage Flexible ACF Fields in a template library

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I’ve been thinking about this feature for a while now: to be able to save my compositions made with ACF’s flexible field to reuse them at will.

Indeed, I regularly use ACF to create page constructors using the flexible field as a container for my sections (the “rows”). This solution allows for a safe-to-measure integration, while offering a flexible editing interface in the back office.

However it lacks the functionality found in all the builders of pages (Elementor, Divi, etc): manage (save, modify, re-use) its layouts in one place: in a library.

To answer this need I developed a plugin that allows to:

– Save its flexible fields as templates

– Classify its templates in categories

– Import their templates into other contents (if they use the same flexible field)

– Modify its templates (subfields, their content, add / remove row)

Great but … I need you!

If you use ACF with the flexible field and these features seem relevant, I need you to test my plugin, I will appreciate all your feedback, whether on the interface, the bugs, everything!

You can found the plugin here.

Thanks !

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