Articles de blog sur le développement dans WordPress et son éco-système.

  • Lock Reusable Blocks : a plugin to lock Reusable Blocks in the editor.

    Lock reusable blocks in Gutenberg to avoid unintentional global changes.

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  • Adding options and controls to an existing Gutenberg block

    How to add options and controls to existing blocks in Gutenberg, and save them in attributes.

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  • Default icon for Elementor button widgets

    Define default icon for all Elementor Button Widgets, with two PHP functions.

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  • CSS and PHP generator for Gutenberg Color Palettes

    A tool to generate the PHP and CSS/SASS code needed to create Gutenberg color palettes.

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  • Create custom skins for an Elementor widget

    Following my post on how to create custom widgets for the Elementor page builder, I’m going to talk today about how to create custom skins for an Elementor widget.

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  • Elementor Development Tips and Tricks

    In the course of my freelance missions, in the development of sites with Elementor, I discovered several features of this page builder. I decided to gather these “tricks” in an article so that they can benefit the greatest number of people.

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