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Bulk convert classic posts to Gutenberg

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A quick post to present a plugin that allows you to bulk convert the content of old posts (pages, posts, custom post type…) into Gutenberg blocks.

It’s a little trick that can quickly become annoying: having to click on “Convert to blocks” each time you edit a post written with the old editor.

To avoid this task, I created a plugin that allows bulk conversion of these “old” articles.

It can be downloaded from GitHub, once installed and activated, an interface is available in the Tools menu, then Classic to Gutenberg.

Screenshot of the interface where the publications to be converted are listed. It is possible to filter by type of publication, type of publisher, do a search. The publications to be converted are to be checked, then a button allows to convert them.

In this interface, you can filter your posts by type, by editor (classic or Gutenberg), search by keywords. Once the posts have been selected from the list, just click on “Convert selected posts to Gutenberg”.

And voilà, your content will be converted into blocks!

I hope this plugin will save you some time.

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