Category: Plugins

  • Bulk convert classic posts to Gutenberg

    A quick post to present a plugin that allows you to bulk convert the content of old posts (pages, posts, custom post type…) into Gutenberg blocks. It’s a little trick that can quickly become annoying: having to click on “Convert to blocks” each time you edit a post written with the old editor. To avoid…

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  • Manage Flexible ACF Fields in a template library

    I’ve been thinking about this feature for a while now: to be able to save my compositions made with ACF’s flexible field to reuse them at will. Indeed, I regularly use ACF to create page constructors using the flexible field as a container for my sections (the “rows”). This solution allows for a safe-to-measure integration,…

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  • Lock Reusable Blocks : a plugin to lock Reusable Blocks in the editor.

    Lock reusable blocks in Gutenberg to avoid unintentional global changes.

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